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R3S UVC60-40W

UV-C Killer front

Air disinfection device
Professional solution with UV-C radiation for air disinfection by forced convection with human presence.
• Highly effective - for a short time disinfects the air in the room up to 80 m3 / hour
• Human presence - without harmful emissions, the room remains habitable when the device is turned on
• Save time compared to other contactless disinfection technologies
• R3S UVC60-40W does not require supervision during operation
• OZONE FREE - 253.7nm ozone-free wavelength thanks to PHILIPS UV-C sources
• Easy to maintain
• Clean design, suitable for installation in any type of premises


• Housing: Powder coated steel (color choice as an option)
• Noise level @ 1m center: 39 dB
• Supply voltage: 220-240V
• Purifying air: up to 80 m3/hour
• Degree of protection: IP20
• Compliance:
CE marking
2014/35/EU LVD recast of 2006/95/EC
2012/19/EU WEEE
2014/53 / EU
EMC 2004/108 / WE
• Option: Remote control
• Option: Counter for working hours
• Option: ceiling installation / suspended installation
• Warranty of the device: 24 months
• Warranty of UV-C light sources: 12 months
Life cycle of light sources 9000 hours
Mandatory replacement @ 7300 work hours (when reaching 70% of the life cycle)


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R3S UVC60-40W drawing

R3S UVC60R-40W drawing

Typical application:

Wall mounted

Ceiling mounted

Suspended mount

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