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Electronic and Electromechanical production

For Electronic and electro-mechanical products the company can offer completed production for devices and modules, including:

  • SMD and conventional assembly of electronic components;
  • Engineering and setting up on Printed circuit board
  • Software loading and test of products;
  • Final assembly and packing.

Technological equipment:

      1. Component humidity environment - 2x Mycronic smd tower 8000;
      2. Stencil printer - 2x MPM AccuFlex; stencil frame- Alpha Tetra;
      3. SPI ViTechnology PiPrimo L;
      4. Transporters- Rommel, Jot;
      5. Six Pick and Place machines on 3 lines- Mydata MY300+MY200- inline, Mydata MY200+MY100 and  Mydata MY19+MY15.
      6. 2 Reflow ovens- SEHO MaxiReflow 3.0 with 8 double heating zones with nitrogen; Seho 8140. 
      7. Lead free wave soldering machine with nitrogen tunnel - SEHO MaxiWave MWS2340-C - soldering alloy Alpha SAC305;
      8. Lead free wave soldering machine type DEK 400- soldering alloy Alpha SACX307;
      9. Selective wave soldering machine SEHO GoSelective light with lead free and lead solder baths;
     10. Lead wave soldering machine ATF 20/33;
     11. PCB dividing machines –Maestro 3/E; Maestro 4M;
     12. Automatic lead cutting and forming machines;
     13. Manual soldering stations for lead and lead free solder- JBC;
     14. Repair stations for SMD and TH repairs- JBC;
     15. Automated Optical Inspection 3D Mirtec MV-6e Omni, Omron VT-RNS II and Marantz 22x;


  • The personnel has finished a secondary or higher technical education and has more than 10 years of experience.
  • ESD protected area for electronic production.
  • Manufacturing in accordance with IPC-A-610 standard.

 Additional possibilities and practices:

      1. Manual assembly and soldering of PCB’s with TH components when it is not possible using of automated assembly or for small series where the automation is not suitable with lead or lead free soldering alloy.
      2. Engineering and setting up on PCBs
      3. Software loading, functional test, final assembly of the end products, test and packing.
      4. Automatic Selective coating Mycronic Axon MYC50
      5. Manufacturing of battery packages with custom configuration – we have specialized CNC welding machine.

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