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LED Pharma

Hygienic LED fixture for clean rooms, labs, hospitals, etc easy to clean by spraying.
With low operational cost and effortless maintanance it leads to big savings.
Smooth diffused light is with high CRI>80 comming with colour temperature from 2700-5500K.
Thewalkable design will suit different scenarios and themaintanance is done from the back of the fixture leaving the front IP65.
This highly efficient diffused light offer valuable advantages packedwith extraordinary ROI- return of investment. 
Can be produced in white and amber for photosensitive production swiching them electrically not by manually changing filters. 
LED Pharma is the preffered choice for pharmacies, labs and clean rooms.



> Applications are clean rooms, hospitals, surgery rooms, laboratories

> Excellent total cost of ownership with low operation cost and high reliability

> Colour temperature from 2700-5500K with CRI>80

> Long-life LEDs reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs

> Emergency module is add on

> Significant sustainability due to lower energy, reduced waste and no hazardous substances such as mercury and lead

> 100% efficacy - directed light which guarantees that all the luminocity goes where is needed

Technical Specification:


LED Pharma A

LED Pharma B

Input power

50 W

25 W

Useful quantity of light

6 000 Lm

3 000 Lm



Led used / pcs


Power supply / Pfc

230V AC / PFC > 90

Internal termal protection


Working temperature

- 25° to + 40°C

Environment protection

powdecorated metal with tempered glass IP 65

Dimensions mm



Weight kg

15 kg

9 kg

LED Lm70

50.000 h


Indoor for Pharmacy, Labs, Operation rooms, Clean rooms


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