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Abbey L

Energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions are important in every municipality, for reasons of environmental protection, light aesthetics and safety at night. Furthermore, we need solutions we can truly rely on.

Our model Abbey road-lighting luminaire brings a new quality of light to residential areas, industrial estates, local roads and cycle paths. This is the perfect combination - superior optics, a weatherproof housing and easy maintenance.

This lightening fixture is suitable even for extreme conditions of up to - 40 C.

The color temperature can also be customised. Along with the high enviorment protection model Abbey comes


* Delivers reliable performance and significant energy savings

* Provides a choice of high system efficacy levels to meet different energy saving targets

* Simple, economical, sustainable and reliable LED luminaire with low maintanance costs

* Ensures visual comfort for all users

* OPTIONS- DALI, CRI 80( typical 70);

* Surge protection of 6kV

Technical Specification:


Abbey L 60W

Abbey L 80W

Abbey L 100W

Input power

60 W

80 W

100 W

Useful quantity of light

7 000 Lm

9 400 Lm

11 500 Lm


+/- 7.5 degrees

LED used/pcs



Wide and Narrow Street

Power supply/ Pfc

198-264V AC/ PFC>90

Internal protection

Class 1; thermal

Working temperature

- 40 to + 50°C

Environment protection

IP 66 Aluminium body with tempered glass

Dimensions mm


Weight kg

6.8 kg


100,000 h



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